ATTENTION: we are not able to manually translate the entire content of the platform because the platform is growing very fast. The content is entered in English and translated automatically. We apologize if there are mistakes in text which are caused by automatic translation. Because we are trying to help the growing international community of Oziway users, we think that it is more important to deliver the content in many languages to many people, at least in a way which is mostly correct (even if it has mistakes), than to omit many people. We will try to fix the most obvious translation mistakes.


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World we will pass this to the appropriate department or country [email protected]
Australia Oziway Australia | 8 Cycas Street | Marcoola Sunshine Coast | Queensland 4564 | Australia[email protected]
China Oziway (China) Limited | Room 705 Building Nr. 9, No. 85, Lingnan Road, Dali Town, Foshan City | 528244 Guangdong | China[email protected]
佛山澳思维商贸有限公司中国广东省佛山市大沥镇岭南路85号广佛智城九栋705[email protected]

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